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Welcome to The Vampire Coven!

Here is one of The Vampire Chronicles Fanlistings approved by thefanlistings.org, the fanlistings of Anne Rice's Vampires - The Vampire Coven.

This is the home of Anne Rice's Vampires, a place for bringing all fans who love her vampires together.

The idea of a fanlisting came from Janine of thefanlistings.org originally. This idea aims to find out how many fans on a certain topic (person/character/thing) really has. Today, it has become one of the greatest fan networks.

After watching the movie of Interview with the Vampire in 1994, I found myself deeply devoted to Louis. In these years, I read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and watched the movie from time to time. And in 2002, Queen of the Damned had been shown in the cinema. Although the story had been changed a lot, I still enjoyed it. My devotion gets heated again and I want to do something about my favorite.

Some of my friends find it hard to believe I can do such a big work (at least to me, it is a big work). Actually, I cannot believe it either since I have not written any story after my graduation of college. And I think my English is poor (please forgive my poor English then, I am a Chinese, English is not my mother tongue). Also, I do not have any knowledge in design and artwork. It is my enthusiasm to the Vampire Chronicles makes me to do it. I seldom can concentrate on a single work for a long time. And I do enjoy in the process of making this site since I just feel Anne Rice's vampires are beside me and giving me the support.

So, do you love Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles? Do you love her vampries? They are waiting for you here.

Feel free to join the coven, the fanlisting.

If you have a website related to Anne Rice (anything about her, her novels or movies), you are welcome to affiliate with us or to join the The Vampire Coven Banner Exchange. If you would like to contact with us, you can email us at ranmajen{@}gmail{dot}com.

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